Jewellery for Bridesmaids

Are you a traditional bride who wishes to give the most beautiful bridesmaids jewellery to the girls or are you a more modern, New York type, who is going for a set of matching Botox injections?

The trends for bridesmaids are changing to include matching beauty procedures which can be as simple as in-tune tanning to the more advanced corresponding Botox jabs.

Being a bridesmaid is not always as it used to be and nowadays there are certain sets who consider it to be a good idea to have a pre-wedding contract with their bridesmaids to outline important issues such as maintaining their slim weight, certainly not getting pregnant and on the day not consuming too much alcohol or behaving unsuitably with male guests.

Has the human and friendship element of being a bridesmaid become overshadowed with modern day society?

Would you buy into being a bridesmaid if you were expected to sign a contract and get Botox injections as part of the group?

Some brides apparently feel that to give a Botox injection is to give something for the person themselves, as opposed to something that they may never wear again!

But bearing in mind that the traditional choice of bridesmaid jewellery, if chosen correctly is something that can be treasured for life, whereas Botox wears off in a few months. And that’s if the bridesmaid is willing to be injected in the first place.

So lets backtrack away from the strange modern day bridesmaid territory, and venture into a traditional, familiar land.

How can a busy bride to be choose bridesmaids jewellery that will be worn on occasions for many years to come, hopefully?

Naturally you will want to choose a piece or set that is somehow classic so that it will stand the test of time.

You will want to concentrate on your bridesmaids’ own natural attributes and features, and find jewellery which enhances these.

Be very careful of pushing your own taste, unless you have the same style, on your choice for bridesmaids jewellery.

Remember that more than likely your bridesmaids will have worked so hard for you to make everything go splendidly and to take away as much stress as possible, that you will want to give jewellery which reflects your gratitude sufficiently.

Think as well about the personality of your respective bridesmaids. Try to find jewellery that is in keeping with this also.

There are a few safe ideas such as pearl jewellery, jewellery with hearts, charm pendants or bracelets.

Certain themes if tastefully designed should certainly stand the test of time.

Apart from wanting to thank your bridesmaids, you don’t want to feel awkward that they forget to wear the jewellery in the future, because it wasn’t their style; or wear it only to be polite in front of you.

Bridesmaids more often than not will either be your sisters or very closest friends. Asking them to be your bridesmaid should be an honour for them and a pleasure for you.

In the middle of all your hectic planning, take the time to cherish them too by choosing bridesmaids jewellery which they will want to wear in your memory throughout their lives.

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