How to Choose Winter Wedding Flowers

Are you planning a winter wedding but now it’s not winter? If you are planning a winter wedding, you may worry about the availability and cost of your flowers. But although there is less choice than in summer, by speaking to your florist you will still have many options available. Commercial flowers are often grown under glass or they are imported from countries with a milder climate. These ideas should help you in planning your own winter wedding flowers.

The first thing you should consider is the exact time that you are getting married. It is now quite popular to get married around Christmas time. But it is common for prices to be higher at this time, because of their demand as Christmas decorations and presents. Red colored flowers and roses are particularly popular. If you want to have romantic red roses at this time of year, you may well find that they are more expensive than you anticipated.

However it is not all bad news. Cymbidium orchids are available in a wide variety of colors at this time of year. These beautiful exotic flowers can be found at very attractive prices at this time. You can use these flowers in venues arrangements and also bridal bouquets.

Tulips are another flower that you could use for a winter wedding. They are widely available from flower wholesalers during the wintertime, despite many of us thinking of them as a spring flower. They come in a wide variety of colors, which can brighten the darkest of winter days.

Lilies or chrysanthemums can also be used to decorate your winter wedding. Both of these flowers are available all year round. They are also easy on the wedding budget. Oriental lilies are a good choice if you like your bouquets to have a sweet perfume.

You should arrange a meeting with your florist in plenty of time before the wedding. You can use their knowledge and experience of weddings. Most florists will be only too pleased to assist you choosing the right type of flowers for your day. Don’t think that you have to come up with all the answers, they will be quite happy to help you.

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