Little Tips for Summer Wedding Flower

Are you planning a winter or summer wedding? It’s the start of summer, and as people are basking on the wonderful heat of the sun and splash of water, most couples are awaiting their turn at the aisle. Why not, summer? Aside from the advantages of a great beach honeymoon, it’s also the perfect time for an impromptu family reunion, as most kids and families are free from their duties of school and work.

Summer weddings are a thrill to have, aside from light great wedding dresses, it’s also a wonderful time to enjoy and make use of gorgeous and vibrant flowers.

Go crazy with orchids

If you’re not a rose person and you want something new and gorgeous at the same time as your wedding flowers, orchid flowers might just be the perfect flowers for your wedding. With various shades and shapes, orchids can bring a different kind of elegance in your wedding. Aside from being stunning exotic beauties, orchids connotes fun and excitement that might suit you best.

Share your love with tulips

Deeply coveted by Holland natives, tulip flowers can up the tempo in your wedding festivities. Not only are they pretty and elusive, they are the perfect embodiment of love and romance. Tulip flowers can range from deep purple to orange and their variety might just add a touch of life to your wedding.

Fill your wedding with hydrangeas galore

Quite different and untraditional, hydrangea flowers are a great choice as its essence is just about stunning and breathtaking. Placing a bunch of hydrangea flowers in a wedding venue or reception can easily light up and gloriously make it ten times better than before.

Stay true to the classic red roses

You can’t go wrong with the classic beauty of red roses. As history has shown, red roses are the true essence of love and romance. Their deep flush of velvet plum signifies deep devotion and passion, which is truly quite fitting on the day that you profess your vows to your significant other.

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